Grynd: Y'blinn (Creature Design)

Y'blinn (Eeblin) are deadly sky hunters. Their actual job is to patrol the mining areas to ensure everybody is getting the work done properly. Death by exhaustion is a common thing within the Grynd since they commit their entire lives to the "Queen's" cause, so Y'blinn are the ones entitled to remove the bodies and clean the workspace. Retractile razor-sharp blades are hidden between their limbs which with they can violently butcher any organism in a matter of seconds. High mobility during flight is granted by their 3 pairs of membrane wings (Insect-like) allowing them to perform fast turn-arounds and twists in the air. Their long segmented bodies have evolved to grow around a big piece of mineral which they use as a weapon too, hammering it upon their enemies. They also have special organs that enhance their sight features.

Here are some design process of this creature I created when working at Catness Game Studios on HIVE: Altenum Wars